Is that a Star Wars Game in Your Pocket?

Considering that the prequels have run their course, it would seem that Star Wars fans would move onto the next thing. But apparently grown geeks can’t get enough of stuff from that galaxy far, far away. WizKids is introducing a new line of constructible strategy games (CSGs), a category that the company “pioneered” in recent years, which combines trading card games (TCG) with an added element of miniatures. The newest arrival is the Star Wars PocketModel TCG, where players get to build a little model craft and then use the cards to do battle. As with their previous Pirates game, no starter kit is required for game play. Instead you can just buy one game pack (MSRP $4.99), which comes with four to eight styrene constructible vehicle models, six game cards, two micro dice, rules and assembly instructions. With this you can begin your assent to the Dark Side—or your parents’ basement.