GPS – Heads Up 3D and Marking the Spot

In January, Denso received a smart patent on displaying GPS and navigation information on a heads up display while Alpine Electronics received a patent on marking a favorite spot using a GPS system.

Denso Corporation of Japan, primarily an automobile parts manufacturer, has developed and patented a three dimensional heads up display for a car that uses sensors to detect when certain directions should appear in view. Light years ahead of TomTom, this system envisions a broader connection of the road and how, and when, to display critical information to the driver being mindful of on coming traffic, difficult navigation, etc.

Add this to their other Driving Control and Safety Systems – Smart.

Also this month, Alpine Electronics received a patent on its navigation system that allows users to define and retrieve information about favorite locations, like that ‘favorite, but hard to find late at night’ burrito stand. Hard to believe that this won’t grow in popularity as Google Maps and Mapquest push further into the cellular arena.