Sonic Boom Alarm Clock Brings Your Bed Good Vibrations, 113 db

Where I come from, vibrating beds are mostly found in hourly rate motels. Now you can bring all of that fun to your home!

The Sonic Book Alarm Clock shakes your bed like a British nanny. And if that’s not enough to wake you, the ear-splitting 113-decibel alarm will.

And get a load of the bizarre rant of a product description the site has:

Even Ninjas need their sleep. For a Ninja, sleep is a time of renewal, contemplation, and rejuvenation. And when a Ninja sleeps, it is a very deep sleep. Most sleeping Ninjas can only be roused from slumber by another Ninja, which is a big problem if you are a Ninja, are tired, must wake up for a secret Ninja mission, and the only Ninja in your office. Good thing we found the Sonic Bomb Clock—it will wake even the soundest Ninja Nap.

Yeah. WTF.

ThinkGeek via Digg