Samsung's Ultra Slim F700 Says iPhone Who?

I will admit that I’m over the iPhone and all the clones that it’s unleashed upon the world. But Samsung has pulled me back in with the Ultra Slim F700. It may not be the skinniest sister in the bunch but it sure does pack a whole lot more than the rest of the family. This is truly a revolutionary mobile phone and I’d give my arm to see it at 3GSM next week.

The F700 is packed with so many features that I’m shaking as I write this. It boasts a full touch screen AND QWERTY keyboard. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my keyboard. The touch screen will utilize Samsung’s VibeTonz, which gives the user the sensation that they’re touching buttons when they really aren’t via responsive vibrations. The touch screen UI will be “drag and drop” for easier navigation through it’s expanded multimedia platform. Most controls including volume and screen brightness will be adjusted on the touch screen. But is any of this worth it without fast data transfer?

The Ultra Slim F700 is HSDPA enabled and once it’s up and running at 7.2 Mbps you’ll be downloading songs at about 4.4 seconds per mp3. Like Whoa! The 2.78-inch screen of OMG will showcase all the fancy pictures you’ll be taking on the 5-megapixel camera with autofocus. If there were any mobile phone that I would give an appendage for it would be this one and that is no joke. If you’re going to be at 3GSM next week, pick one up for me because that would be awesome!

Samsung [via Akihabara News]