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The Camelbak Hydration Pack is perfect for the tech enthusiast who plans to search for national treasure or the Holy Grail. The survival pack features a 100-ounce water storage unit and space for a shovel.

Upgraded for 21st century archaeologists, the camel back also has two 60mm waterproof speakers in the upper straps. The speakers are compatible with any audio device that has a 3.5mm jack, such as an iPod. With LINK technology, users also can use their cell phone and iPod simultaneously. Volume and hands-free phone conversations are controlled with a Soft Touch Panel located on the mid strap, and audio is taken from a small microphone buried beneath the strap.

The $250 pack isn’t cheap, but it’s guaranteed to impress your fellow treasure hunters and tomb raiders.

CamelBak Hellion 100oz Skull Candy Hydration Pack [Talk 2 My Shirt via Digg]

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