Parrot Busts Out The Bluetooth Boombox

Yo listen up, this is what I’m sayin’
Parrot’s got a boombox for which you’ll be payin’
Bluetooth-equipped like it ain’t no thang
It’ll cost you $300 and some change

It’s set to drop, in the Q2
Only 17 x 7 x 8.8 inches so it’s easy to move
To stream the hot beats, just push play
‘Cause this baby has connections with Bluetooth and RCA (Jacks! Ya heard dawg?!)

Parrot! Boombox!
Parrot! Boombox!
It pumps out 60 watts like my Cadillac

Parrot! Boombox!
Parrot! Boombox!
I heard AD2P and EDR come wit dat

Tippin’ 12 pounds, so it be the big thang
It’ll even play da music comin’ from your game
No release date, but Europe first on tha block
I drop mad rhymes like Jobs drops stock

Though for a boombox, it’s lookin’ pretty Keen
It’d surely make proud one Radio Raheem
Now I’ve gotta run, got gadgets to post
You love MC Vince like Jesus love toast

Parrot unveils Bluetooth-equipped “boombox” [Engadget]