snom 370 IP Business Phone

VoIP is hot right now for a good reason. It drastically reduces the cost of telephony by allowing high-bandwidth voice communications to be conducted over the Internets rather than through telco routings with premium rates. The technology makes sense for everyone.

Berlin-based snom technology AG has developed a VoIP phone that allows businesses to optimize its IP communications. The snom 370 features a large screen, expanded memory and VPN access so that business users can manage calls simply and securely.

Users can customize the display to show high resolution company graphics and pictures. The 370 also supports several audio devices simultaneously, such as a handset, headset and loudspeaker—why anyone would be using all three simultaneously is beyond me.

At any rate, the 370 will be available in April for $280. It’s compatible with SIP-based telephone systems and components.

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