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First, a big thanks to our readers for providing the lively debate we see day in and day out in the comments and the TechCrunch forums.

One note on our Snap previews that show a preview screen shot when you hover over a outbound link: We’ve changed the functionality. Now whenever you see an icon next to a link, hover over that icon for a preview. The link itself no longer shows a preview.

I also want to thank ACS for their tremendous help with search engine optimization and other marketing services. They are professional, creative and diligent. We highly recommend them.

We also have a few awesome sponsors to thank for their support of the site:

Compete – Compete is a search engine and analytics tool rolled into one toolbar that lets you surf the web while keeping track of special deals (like Best Buy’s) and traffic statistics. They’re currently featuring a comparison between Digg, NY Times, and USA Today. Sign up for an account and you can earn points redeemable for numerous sites and services.

TextLinkAds – TLA is a great way to monetize your site or optimize your exposure as an advertiser. They’re still offering $100 in links for signing up. With their RSS ads, you can even switch in a few of your own announcements along with the paid ads.

Omnidrive – Omnidrive is different from other online drives in that it fully integrates online and offline interaction with your files. With an Omnidrive account, you can easily push files online and serve them from static URLs. Wherever you change a file, online or on your desktop, the changes are automatically synced. Omnidrive’s API also makes it serve as a great backend solution for rich internet applications, as Zoho has chosen to do.

Zoho – Over the past year Zoho has been growing out their office and productivity products at a brisk pace. Their products include: Writer, Notebook, Wiki, Show, Sheet, Projects, CRM, Creator, Planner, and Chat. I expect to see a lot more developments coming out in the next couple of months.

Edgeio – Adding over half a million listings each day from all over the world, Edgeio has became the place to go for classified listings. I’ve even used the service to buy a pair of used computer speakers. Edgeio will soon be launching a new service called Edgio Marketplaces that will help site owners easily generate revenue from site listings boards.

Flock – Flock is like FireFox’s cooler brother, allowing you to manage your RSS feeds, share photos, and install your favorite extensions.