Sports + TVGuide + Digg = RUWT?

ruwtlogo.jpg“Are You Watching This” (RUWT?) is a new sports fan site you can use to follow the most popular sports games on TV based on votes from the community and the real-time score of the game. It’s meant keep people from missing the really spectacular sports games as they develop. The main page consists of a TV schedule listing all the sports events across the different TV networks that you use to vote on upcoming games. The default feed is based on east coast time, but you can customize by postal code and cable provider within the US and Canada. Each game in the TV schedule tells you where and when it will be aired, a written preview of the match, lets you vote, and lets you “shout” your opinion to a comment thread. The site also tracks news, standings, and teams across 15 sports.

ruwtmini.jpgThe other major way to follow games on the site is through their sport specific scoreboard page where they list the votes for each game in real time by sport or team. As games get closer or work their way into overtime, the scoreboard automatically adds points to reflect a more entertaining matches. The NCAA Basketball board has been pretty active today and the NHL board includes game highlights pulled from YouTube.

It’s a good application of the community voting model that benefits greatly from the automated analysis of scores to determine interestingness. They also tie it all together by letting you track your watchlist by RSS and iCal feeds, check if your friends are getting a game you aren’t.

Via TechCrunch Forums Company Reviews