Remembrance of Gadgets Past Quick Contest

Speak, memory, in the form of a rambling, ostentatious review of the Nokia N93. Sing, muses, of her great beauty and zoom features. Resound, harp, on her moblogging software and how good she made you feel in France. Prance, Brian Lam, in adulation of this 4000 word pean to free Nokia cellphones. Puke, readers, at reviews that are too long by half.

I was very self conscious of the weight of it in my pocket, and I found I babied it a bit. If I owned it I’d have to get something to carry it in, a case.

As an exercise for the reader, please write a glowing, overwrought, Proustian paragraph about your favorite gadget in the comments. The winner, chosen by poll, will get a Gyration cordless Gyrotransport presenter. Clack, keyboards, in sweet surrender!

The Riddle of Convergence, or: The Seductive Nokia N93 [Meerkat via Gizmodo]