Mead Binder With Integrated Speakers

Back in the 1980s and early 1990s, you just weren’t cool if you didn’t possess a Trapper Keeper. The Trapper Keeper turned Mead into an iconic name that every kid in a school would instantly recognize. Now Mead is looking to break new ground again by introducing a binder with integrated speakers under it’s Five Star line of products. The binder comes with a built-in audio-jack to hook your iPod/Discman/Radio Disney toy up to and two small speakers to pump out your tunes.

The binders aren’t due out until the next school year in September, but my guess is that one year of these and teachers will be banning them in every school around the country. What self-respecting teacher allows crap-tastic kids music to be belted out into their classroom? Surely if they had any common sense, they’d confiscate it and as punishment would blast Foreigner: Greatest Hits.

Mead develops binder with built-in speakers [Electronista]