PatentMonkey: Superbowl Edition

We’ve got a few inventive thoughts rolling into the Super Bowl weekend:

Rocket-Laser Arm Checker

The networks show baseball pitch speed. I vote that they start showing throw speed in football, too. With so much emphasis on arm strength, let’s get the technology to meet all the subjective commentary on who’s got the arm strength and who doesn’t.

Why don’t they just use lasers?

Yes, bringing the chains on the field adds to the drama of the game, but really, there must be a more efficient way to see whether it’s a first down or not. Normal Harty invented a nifty little laser-based first down checker. Maybe they’ll change ‘bring out the chains’ to ‘they’re shooting lasers on the field’.

Mattel Classic Football, ‘Old’ is the New ‘New’

While I’ll be tracking the votes of ‘favorite commercials’ on YouTube and running my Nintendo Wii Madden Football in auto-play a number of times on Sunday (to see if the Bears have any chance of winning), I’ll also be kicking back with an old favorite, my Mattel Classic Football Game – technology that’s free for anyone to use as the patent is now expired. Sure, it lacks the details, but don’t you remember how awesome dodging those little light dots were? I sure do.