Boston Thinks Circuit Boards = Bombs

This Boston “bomb hoax” was all over the news last night and continues to make Mayor cry like a big baby. Turner, the parent company of Cartoon Network, had put up a bunch of crude circuit board, LED devices that lit up to show the Mooninites from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. They were placed around major cities including NYC and Philadelphia and have been up for two or three weeks, according to Turner.

Unfortunately, people in Boston bug out of the slightest thing that doesn’t resemble a bomb in any way, so the city was shut down for a good period of time yesterday while a bomb squad investigated the devices.

So who’s at fault? Both Boston and Turner. Turner probably should have let law enforcement and city officials know about the advertising campaign and Boston probably should chill with the paranoia. I’ve seen these things around and truth be told, they don’t look like a bomb and after about five seconds, you recognize it’s just some crap from ATHF. However, if you can get your mits on one still, you might be able to make some cash on eBay.

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