Wedding Thriller: Caught On Tape

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There’s a scene in the film Thirteen Going On Thirty where, at a boring party, all the party-goers break out into an ad hoc recital of the dance moves to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. While I firmly believe the rest of the movie sucked, this scene was good, and it’s has become a staple in teen flicks; apparently Hollywood producers think people can arbitrarily break into choreographed dance routines at the drop of a hat. As the video above demonstrates, this might be the case.

Naw, this was planned, and it kicks ass. Sure, it’s not gear, but it’s geeky enough to be relevant to our core demographic and our non-nerd readers as well, so enjoy. How long do you suppose it took them to get it all together? If any of my soon-to-wed friends are reading, you are so doing this at your wedding. That is all.