Twinhead Durabook Rugged Notebooks

As a person who is admittedly more than a little clumsy, I’ve always been intrigued by these rugged notebooks. I’ve tripped over the power cord of my Powerbook, sending it sailing across the room more times than I can count (the thing is dented to hell now). It performs noticeably less than adequate now as a result.

Twinhead Corporation is releasing two notebooks that could resolve this disaster in the future. The D13Ry and D14RY feature magnesium-alloy cases that are 20 times stronger than ABS plastic. They also feature an anti-shock mountain design that protects the LCD and hard drive from damage and data loss during falls.

Its spill-resistant design insulates the keyboard, touchpad and adjacent buttons from spills leaking into its sensitive underbelly. Additionally, double protection smart battery circuitry prevents damage caused by current or voltage surges and overheating, while Twinhead’s Smart Battery Calibration helps fight the loss of battery capacity after repeated charge-discharge cycles.

And these systems can perform. Each of the systems feature an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, WiFi and are Vista ready. The D13RY is a mobile multimedia center with a 13.3-inch WXGA display 1.3-megapixel webcam and four 1-watt speakers. While the D14Ry features a non-flare 14.1-inch display.

The D14RY is available now and the D13RY will be “available soon.” More information can be found at Twinhead.