Samsung NV11

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the NV series. I’ve been using an NV3 as my pocket camera for a bunch of months now and I’m every bit as enthralled by it as I was when it first arrived. The series is a marvelous blend of style and functionality.

Samsung today announced the fourth camera in its NV line, the new flagship NV11. The 10-megapixel rig features a Schneider lens capable of 5x optical zoom. What’s more, it has a 1600 ISO that should actually be functionally with Samsung’s proprietary ASR image stabilization. And it has a beautiful 2.7-inch high definition LCD display.

The camera is equipped with Samsung’s face recognition tecnology to detect subjects’ faces in order to auto adjust focus and exposure. The technology is said to ensure better composition and image quality. Finally, the camera has the Smart Touch user interface for easy navigation by simply sliding a finger across control buttons.

The NV11 will be available later this spring for $400.

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