Move Over Hello Kitty, Mashimaro Is In Town

If you’re not familiar with Mashimaro then you’ve been living under a rock. Ok, well maybe not a rock, maybe more of a stone of Western fictional character fandom, but the Korean Mashi fits in the same category as Hello Kitty. He’s finally getting the recognition he deserves… in the form of a mobile phone.

The Mashimaro M808 supports MP3, MPEG4, T-Flash memory for expansion. A 1 megpixel camera for recording, yes a 1 megapixel. The fat little rabbit mobile has a 1.5 inch TFT LCD display, integrated EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service) and MMS. Along with features like an alarm clock, world clock(which my $400 Sidekick3 does not have!), calendar, calculator, currency converter, memo, PC sync, photo album, photo editor, wallpaper and 3 games.

It comes in pearl white and comes with a toilet to recharge the 150 hour standy/2 hour talk time battery. Yes. A toilet.