CrunchGear Week in Review: Lookout Edition

Vista Point Ahead (Time to Pull Over and Seek Relief)
Philipp Goedicke

Blake thinks predictions of Business Week meek,
So he gave us a glimpse of the havoc they wreak [1].
But, hey, how would conservative investors stay aloft, mister,
Without betting on Google [2] and MicroSoft’s Vista [3]?
Since Vista’s gaming gives causes to shout [4],
Let’s get it right now, though it’s not really out.
You can trade for a latte [5], or get one pre-0wn3d [6],
Or get it online [7] (though it’s slightly de-boned).
Or order ahead and get hotspots for free [8]
(Well, for ninety days, small print ties “free” up [9], you see).
Hardware makers are ready, advertent [10] or in- [11],
And some software refuses to be a has-been [12].
Microsoft’s ready in service capacity [13]
Or perhaps their phone lines are equipped with mendacity. [14]
But if you seek our endorsed, valid new year’s predictions [15, 16]:
Our bet is on downloads with fewer restrictions [17].

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