CallWave Mobile Widget: My New Best Friend

I dislike listening to my voice-mail almost as much as I dislike answering my cell phone in the first place. CallWave Mobile allows me to monitor my messages via e-mail, and now thanks to a Widget for Mac OS X Dashboard, I don’t even have to check my e-mail to see who’s called.

CallWave Mobile is a free “visual voice-mail” service letting you see, sort, listen and respond to mobile phone messages through your e-mail inbox. There’s just a simple setup process (takes about five minutes) and you’re ready to go.

Then, if you want even faster access just download and install the Widget in Dashboard. There’s a Yahoo! Gadget available, too, for Windows users.

The service works with most US carriers including Cingular, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile.

CallWave Widgets & Gadgets