Soda Club Home Carbonator

I have to admit I’ve never really seen anything like this home soda maker. Rather than simply buying soft drinks at the grocery, the machine carbonates water that you then add flavoring to to create your own soda.

To use the device, you just fill a 2-liter bottle with water, attach it to the the carbonator and then press the button repeatedly until the system makes a weird noise to alert you of acceptable carbonation levels. The systems use carbonator bottles that are good for about 110 liters each. And Soda Club offers 25 flavors that are comparable to the most popular soft drinks.

It’s apparently a lot cheaper in the long run and it consumes less space. The packages range from about $100 – $200, so it’s definitely an investment, but if your family sucks down a lot of Coke, then this might be a valid alternative to buying pallets of the stuff at Sam’s. Flavoring packets are all under $5 and they’re good for 12 liters each.

I’m not sure how useful something like this is. It seems to me debatable that homemade soda from a carbonator device would be better than manufactured stuff, but I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Soda Club