Live From Vegas: Lifepod Delivers Bizarre Speakers For Backs, Dogs, Phones

I just got back from SIA (the skiing and snowboarding trade show) in Vegas. Cool stuff was plentiful, and I ran across a tiny Brooklyn-based outfit called Lifepod that specializes in creative (and creatively bizarre) DAP speaker systems.

First up, is their High Roller line of backpacks, which aim to take on the new Skullcandy-CamelBack double-team . Stow your DAP of choice in the pocket and this thing kicks out the jams for you. Most impressive was the bass–sticking your hand under thing produced a Category 4 gust of bass-wind.

Click the jump to see some other odd speakers systems, including one for the ladies…

For the ladies and heiresses out there, they also had what I believe may be the world’s only dog-tote-slash-speaker system. Honestly, this seems a bit cruel to me, forcing Fido to sit inches from your too-loud music, but I can see a market for it (especially with the leopard print high styling.)

Lastly, we’ve got this mini cell phone speaker system. Tuck your phone in the plush cage, plug it in, and you’ll be able to play the 100 songs you stuffed on your ROKR over and over again, although it seems to me like a bit of trouble to take the phone out of this every time you get a call.