Buy An iPhone, Get 1.5 Years Of Free Service

File this one under “completely full of it,” but according to Mr. Deleon over at Gizmodo, those of you who make the iPhone plunge in June will be welcomed with 1.5 years of free AT&T wireless service.

Sweet deal, but the only proof that exists of this phantom deal is Jim Cramer’s word. The Mad Money host (SELL! SELL! SELL!) claims that the plan is to persuade people to switch to Cingular from Verizon. Maybe Mr. Deleon and Mr. Cramer should stop sipping whiskey whilst watching CNBC and start reporting the facts. Either way, we’ll see if there’s any truth to this balderdash.

Cingular To Give iPhone Buyers 1.5 Years of Free Service? [Gizmodo]

Update: Told you they were chugging whiskey! The rumor is indeed FALSE!