Pioneer Makes The Best Plasmas (And Here's Some Video It Made To Prove It)
Seriously, if you’ve never seen Pioneer’s Elite series of plasma TVs in person, they really do have incredible pictures (though they come with some pretty incredible price tags to match). The company is excited for you to know about its new plasma HDTV technology. So excited in fact that it produced six short videos to school you about it. (It’s all about the black levels, baby!)

Anyway, if you’re not familiar with what plans Pioneer has for plasma TV this year, the first video (above) gives you a sufficient rundown of things to come. The other five videos go a little deeper into the things mentioned in the first video. Hit the link below to see those.

Not surprisingly (considering these videos are essentially marketing materials) Pioneer says the best way to enjoy HD content is on a plasma. Of course, that’s all the company makes in the TV arena, so that would be the grain of salt you’ll want to take these videos with. Oh yeah, go to the last video to hear why HD DVD is wrong wrong wrong.

Pioneer Plasma TVs: The Future of Plasma