Nike Considered: All Condition Gear

Nike Considered is a new line of shoes that are eco-friendly. Most of the line looks butt-ugly, but that’s OK because it’s biodegradable or whatever. I had been overlooking most of the shoes because they were completely non-noteworthy, but Nike has just announced two All Condition Gear (ACG) Considered shoes and they suck less than the others.

The Water Cat (top) is, as the name implies, built for water-going adventures. It has been reduced to the bare minimum of materials. And it apparently delivers support in all the right places.

The Soaker (bottom) is a bit more real-world-friendly. Rather than using toxic adhesives, all the the components are snapped or sewn together. It’s made of fewer layers than traditional shoes and, like the Water Cat, are also happy in the water.

There is no other information currently available, but expect the cost to be on par with all Nike stuff (expensive).

Nike Considered
[via Cool Hunting]