New Service from Sprint Helps You Lie

Cellphones are a bridge between one human and all of his or her fellow humans. Fortunately, it’s a drawbridge, and one can raise it to keep certain people at bay. Sometimes, though, you’re in a situation that calls for a quick out, a need to escape with a convenient excuse. Sprint knows this, and has a solution: MobileFaker.

MobileFaker (MF for short) is a collection of services that turn your cellphone into an anti-dork concussion grenade, utilizing tools like a fake ring, becuase you have to “take this call, sorry pal!” and a fake phone number to give that bill collector, as well as a cache of pick-up lines (oh, noooo) and a false breathalizer (what!?), just to name a few.

While it’s short of having a phony “alien” scanner, these tools walk the line between goofy and scandalous, but what’s really interesting is that it’s far and away different than any other services offered by Sprint, or anyone else. Hopefully, it’s the start of a trend that will actually make phones useful to most Americans for more than phone calls, and will raise revenues for carriers.

Sprint launches MobileFaker by Moderati [MobileCrunch]