Draq Queens Unite For The YOUniverse Funk Fone

After a long day at CrunchGear, I usually get ready for the nightlife by slapping on some cherry red lipstick, some eyeshadow, blush, and a lot of concealer. Then I throw on my spandex pants, adjust my fake boobs, put on some high heels, and hit the streets looking for action with Josh.

Occasionally though, I like to dress up in private so I can chat with my pals (at $1.99 a minute) on the phone. Now I can merge my platform shoes together with my home phone thanks to the YOUniverse Funk Fone. It’s basically a crazy, girl phone inside a plastic platform shoe that comes with “funky ringtones” and flashing lights. If you’re in need of a great set of fake boobs shoes and a new phone or you’re around the age of 9, it’ll only set you back $20.

YOUniverse Funk Fone [Ubergizmo]