Ultra-Bling Mouse Brings 800dpi, Young Jeezy

Behold the holy testament to bling itself: the unostentatiously-named Ultra-Bling Mouse. If you want to live life like the dudes on MTV Cribs but still want to fly your geek flag high, then this is the mouse for you. It’s a three-button optical mouse with a ton of diamonds stuck in it that comes in red, white, or yellow gold. Yup. That’s it. Nothing extra-special going on here.

I suppose the diamonds do justify that $24,180 price tag, but still, wouldn’t you just rather wear it around your neck while coding SQL? Maybe you’ll be able to coax Jessica from accounting to give you some inter-office lovin’ whilst you spit some “mad rhymes” at her regarding GAP.

Most expensive mouse in the world [Ubergizmo]