Therapie Mood Lighting

We all know that light affects ones mood. Make your room consistently like a dank cellar and you’re likely to morph into some nefarious Dick Cheney-like character. Lots of sunlight and such and its probable that you’ll experience a much more positive metamorphosis.

For those of you who are stuck in the dank cellar, but would prefer not to end up sinister, then perhaps some mood lighting is in order. In addition to making your environment fit for a ’70s swinger party, this canvas wall-lamp from designer Andre Keilani follows light therapy theories to bask passersby in healthy light that is said to reverse bad tempers.

Therapie comes with a bunch of two-tone acetates. The setup could be yours for $1,100. My suggestion? Just get a Mathmos.

Therapie Lamp To Reverse Mood Swings [Born Rich]