Shed Some Flab With Your Wii

When the Wii first debuted last year, gamers thought they’d be whipping themselves into shape by playing titles like Wii Sports and Madden ’07. Now, it’s confirmed that instead of going outside and playing real sports, you can drop some pounds by doing it all virtually.

Mickey DeLorenzo spent a little over six weeks playing Wii Sports for 30-minutes a day. He ate the same, kept his lifestyle the same, yet still managed to drop nine pounds just by using the Wii as an exercise tool. Now DeLorenzo is developing Wii-based workouts specifically tuned for gamers. You have to admit, it’s tempting to hit the Wii instead of the gym. Hopefully many other gamers (myself included) can start maintaining a fit-lifestyle by combining Wii exercise and a healthy diet.

It’s official. Wii use can cause weight loss [Reuters]