Scotty Pro Solar Power Charger

If you’re the kind of guy who likes a camping trip every once in awhile, you’re probably content with leaving your iPod at home for a few days. But not me. If I have to go camping, I’m dragging my iPod, cellphone, Starbucks mug, and North Face gear all out to the wilderness with me along with my Wii. So when I saw the relatively-inexpensive Scotty Pro charger, I began to think about how great this would be during a hike, a trip outdoors, or something of a similar nature.

For $99, you get a solar panel that acts as a backup charger/battery via USB. You can charge everything from your iPod to your cellphone to your latte-machine all with the power of the sun. It takes 7 hours to charge the device fully from the sun or power outlet in your vehicle, but can last up 15 hours powering some devices. It even has rechargeable AA batteries in case your device is too “old school.” I might pick one up if I ever have to go camping again.

Scotty Pro Gadget Charger [Electronista]