Find Out If Your Social Security or Credit Card Numbers are on the Internet

Silicon Valley based Trusted ID, which launched IDFreeze last year to help protect people from identity theft, released their second product this evening – Stolen ID Search.

Type a social security or credit card number into the search box and Trusted ID will tell you if it is published on the web:

The information that powers StolenID Search is found online, by looking in places where fraudsters typically trade or store this kind of information. All information behind StolenID search is publicly available, but not in places where you, or even search engines such as Yahoo and Google, would look.

If it turns out your social security and/or credit card numbers are on the web, Trusted ID will pitch their IDFreeze product to you to help you get control over your information.

Some people will feel uneasy inputting this sensitive personal information to complete the search. I believe Trusted ID can be trusted with this data – they are venture backed by Draper Fisher Jurvetson and say they do not store this information at all after the search is completed. Also, a social security or credit card number without additional information (a name in particular) is useless to fraudsters, and Trusted ID does not ask you for this information.

You can also request that Trusted ID monitor for future fraud.