CrunchGear Week in Review: Bedrest Edition

Home, Sweet Couch
Philipp Goedicke

We’re back home, decompressing,
Unpacking a mental mess [1, 2, 3],
And spending some time guessing
Just who killed CES. [4]
(My guess: it wasn’t Jobs and his sleight-of-hand tricks [5, 6],
It’s those seven other “dudes” who get lucky with the “chicks” [7].)

And, already, faux iPhones can be gotten on the street [8],
So it’s time to go back home, relax, and kick up tired feet. [9]
We’d watch TV, but (expletive) those TiVo ads are back [10],
So isn’t it a blessing that BluRay has been cracked? [11]
And while we wait for Netflix stream to be more than a plan [12, 13]
We’ll watch our shows without the Ads [14] and stick it to the man. [15]

[1] CES 2007: Two Queens, No Smoking
[2] CES 2007: Dear Diary…
[3] What We Missed at CES: Sanyo Stuff
[4] Who Killed CES?
[5] Have An Intel Mac? Have Five Bucks? Ok, You Can Use 802.11n
[6] Be An Apple 2-Dollar 802.11n WiFinnaire!
[7] 1 in 8 Dudes Would Rather Have A Gadget Than A Chick
[8] Fake iPhone on eBay
[9] Gravity Defyer Shoes Don’t Actually Defy Gravity
[10] TiVo Fast-Foward Ads: They’re Back
[11] Blu-Ray Cracked [??]
[12] Netflix Offering PC Video Streaming
[13] Netflix Downloads: Om Chimes In
[14] Will Rip and Convert for Beer Money
[15] IE 7 Reaches 100 Million Downloads, Firefox Still On the March