Zoho, Omnidrive Partner For Office Document Storage

Online office suite Zoho and online storage company Omnidrive (see disclosure below) are announcing a partnership today that extends the functionality of both companies. The integration leverages Zoho’s newly updated API.

The partnership is allowing users to store all of their Zoho office documents within Omnidrive, giving them a centralized online file storage area. Also, clicking on any office document within Omnidrive automatically opens the document for editing at Zoho. It also allows users to collaborate on documents by using the sharing features of Omnidrive.

This new partnership also means Omnidrive arguably now offers a complete link between making and editing files on your desktop and online. Omnidrive’s file linking causes updates made on your desktop or within Zoho Writer to update/sync the file in other locations as well. This linking is the main feature that caught our eye when we previously analyzed online storage services.

For additional information, see the Omnidrive and Zoho blogs. For background on the companies, see our previous coverage of Zoho and Omnidrive, and see Webware’s recent coverage of Omnidrive here.

Disclosure: In December 2006 Michael Arrington, the founder of TechCrunch, invested in Omnidrive. See TechCrunch About page for additional information.