Wham! Meets The iPod Case

Admit it. You know you listened to a ton of Wham! back in the ’80s. What if you could get that actual record made into an iPod case? Still listening? Good. Contexture Design has released a slew of iPod cases made from actual recycled vinyl records. Each case is specially made out of a vinyl record, felt, cork, and has a screen protector. It should be noted that the price

The cases are designed to fit 5G iPods and come in styles such as Tom Jones, Yes, Cher, and plenty of other artists who actually put their albums out on 45s. Oh yeah, this is where I’d normally put a cheesy joke like “You can get a 45 for $45!” because the cases cost $45 a pop. I wonder if they have an old George Carlin record case…

Official Site [via iLounge]