SFW: Sony's Blu-Ray Gives You Blu-Balls, No Hi-Def Porn

As if Blu-Ray wasn’t in enough trouble as it is, Sony has said that it won’t allow its Blu-Ray disk reproduction subsidiary, Sony DADC Global, to reproduce adult content. Being that DADC is far and away the largest Blu-Ray disk factory around means that there will essentially be no porn on Blu-Ray.

While we’re sure Sony is standing on some sort of moral ground here, its also making a big mistake. Besides just placing all of its eggs in one proprietary basket, Sony is locking out the one genre of content that drives media adoption. Laserdisc did the exact same thing in the 80s, and suffered because of it. The disks did finally allow for adult content, but by that time it had already failed as a popular format.

This does not mean that we will have HD porn, though, as HD-DVD is remaining mute on the issue. That being said, Hi-Def porn will decide once and for all which format will come out on top. (haha!)

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