Sony And Universal To Restrict Zune Sharing

We all know by now that the Zune is certainly not the hottest DAP on the market. But after dealing with Microsoft and their “points” system and the crappy music store for Zune, we’re finding out that some of the songs you may have bought can’t be shared with other Zunes—not that you’d find another one near you anyways.

The culprits? Sony and Universal. They’ve made a select choosing of certain artists they don’t want shared between Zunes. Who’s affected? Check it:

Universal Music Group
• Prohibited Zune Sharing: Gwen Stefani, Snow Patrol, Eminem, Blue October, JoJo, Jay-Z;
• Accepted Zune Sharing: Nickelback, Nelly Furtado and Maria Careh;
Sony Music
• Prohibited Zune Sharing: Beyonce, Weird Al Yankovic (not sure if song is from Sony) and Ciara;
• Accepted Zune Sharing: Shakira, Wyclef Jean, The Fray, Christina Aguilera, John Mayer and Brad Paisley;

Keep in mind, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many more artists are included and DRM restrictions are getting tighter. If you like a CD a lot, just go buy the hard copy so you can do what you want with it. Otherwise, you risk getting shafted.

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