MobileCrunch's Take on Nokia N800

Oliver at MobileCrunch got his mitts on a Nokia N800 for a whole month and wrote a fairly detailed and expository review of the Internet tablet that would be king. His final assessment?

All in all I love this device. I love the convenience, I love the size, I love the instant on/off capability. I think it does many things well and the excitement that I feel when engaged with the development community that has gravitated to this platform has convinced me that the best is certainly yet to come and dramatic innovations in software are on the horizon. Couple that with the knowledge that Nokia is already looking towards the future of this hardware platform and I am convinced that we “ain’t seen nothing yet”.

So he likes it better than even a can of spray cheese and a box of Triscuit. Head on over to MC for more.

Nokia N800; A Real World Review After One Month’s Use [MobileCrunch]