LG Announces Prada Phone

Well hello LG! You’re looking mighty dapper today. What’s that? You just released a new Prada phone? Sweet! Tell us more, won’t you?

The Prada phone or KE850 from LG is looking to be quite the sexy phone. It has a touchscreen and a design that sort of reminds us of the iPhone, but in no way is it a competitor to the iPhone. Why? Not everyone is down with Prada. I might be, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else wants an expensive name brand logo plastered right on their phone.

So you want the nitty gritty? The KE850 packs a 3-inch touchscreen LCD at 400×240, microSD, video playback in a plethora of formats including H.264, music playback in AAC, MP3, WMA, and RealAudio, a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi, and tri-band GSM. It’s a sweet phone by all means, but it doesn’t launch until February and that’s only in countries outside the US. You might be able to find one in NYC or LA at a specialty store, but don’t expect a full blown US launch anytime soon. Oh, and it costs a cool $778. Better start saving.

LG unveils Prada phone, preempts iPhone [Electronista]