Track Vac: Checkered Flags, Clean Floors

My friend Ben tells a great story about going to see Talladega Nights when the film first opened in theaters. A few rows ahead of him was a family of five, and you could tell they were very into NASCAR. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to understand that the movie was a comedy, a joke and send-up on NASCAR culture. About 20 minutes into the film, the family walked out, presumably demanding a refund from the befuddled teen in the ticket booth.

Some people do take cars going in circles that seriously, and for them there is the Track Vac Robotic Vacuum. If Roombas are for nerds, then Track Vac is for those who beat up nerds. With a wireless remote, the wannabe Earnhardt can tidy up his (or her!) den, going for the record.

What’s more, when the little guy’s running out of juice, it can make a “pit stop” at its very own charging station. And if the floor doesn’t need to be vacuumed? The car can still function long after its cleaning duties are finished, so it can make a few victory laps before being sprayed homoerotically with champagne and kissing a busty model who is not its wife. All this for just a hair under $300. This is why we are the greatest country in the world, friend.

Track Vac [Hollywood Forces, via SciFi Tech]