Spinvox Launching in U.S. – We Have 100 Accounts To Give Away Now

London-based Spinvox is a voice to text service that we wrote about last May (see MobileCrunch coverage as well). The key product takes voicemails, converts them to text and sends them via email and/or SMS to you to read. At the time they were only available outside of the U.S. Now, they are starting to take U.S. customers.

Spinvox mainly distributes their product through cell phone carriers, although they will set up customers directly as well. Pricing will be determined by carriers, but UK pricing is here, and it isn’t cheap.

I have been lucky enough to be using Spinvox to convert voicemails to SMS text messages since December, and it has been an incredible efficiency tool. If I miss a call while I’m in a meeting, I can see the SMS message a few seconds later and decide if I need to step out immediately and call the person back. In general, using Spinvox saves a ton of otherwise wasted time.

The company has set up a blog site to allow anyone to test the product – Go here, call the phone number on the site and leave a message. It will be converted to text and posted on the blog a few moments later.

Spinvox is currently negotiating carrier deals in the U.S., but has agreed to sign up 100 TechCrunch readers with free accounts, and there won’t be any charges for converted messages. If you live in the U.S. and would like to try Spinvox now, just leave a comment below and (this is important) leave your email address within the comment itself. Spinvox will contact you with the details.

See our coverage of Seattle based Jott, a company with similar technology but a slightly different product. SimulScribe is another company doing something similar to Spinvox, and charges $10/month for 40 voicemail conversions.

Spinvox has 150 employees and has raised a significant round of financing. The company says it should reach profitability by the end of 2007.