From the Vaults of Ridiculous: TrekStor i.Beat Organix Gold

Do you own an MP3 player that doesn’t bling (is that a verb?) enough for you? Do you feel the need to cover all of your possessions in gold and jewels? Do you have $20,000 lying around and have absolutely no use for it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then let me direct your attention to the TrekStor i.Beat Organix Gold. Sure it’s just a mediocre 1GB player, but it’s made of 18 karat gold! And gold makes everything better (see: Dolce & Gabana Gold RAZR). As an added bonus for those of you who think gold is beginning to lose its luster (get it?), it’s also bedecked with 63 1 karat diamonds.

The TrekStor i.Beat Organix Gold plays MP3, WMA, WAV, ASF and OGG. Since its all about excess, I encourage using only WAV songs, so you can fit as few songs as possible on its 1GB. Because remember, being excessive is mainly about being wasteful. On that note, it has two headphone jacks so you can only use one and never share with anyone.

TrekStor i.Beat Organix Gold [via Uncrate]