1 in 8 Dudes Would Rather Have A Gadget Than A Chick

Conducted by some group called GFK NOP, a bunch of people were interviewed on whether or not they’d swap love for gadgets. Well it turns out that us guys are total bastards after all (big surprise there)! 1 in 8 men said they would lose the girl in favor of a sweet gadget like an iPhone, widescreen TV set, or fridge freezer. Overall, 13% of the men surveyed wanted gadgets over girls while only 6% of women wanted gizmos over guys. Kind of sad. I really thought Sheila the Tranny loved me but I guess she was just after my sweet gear.

Of course you could just buy a goddamned 42-inch LCD and drill your woman while watching Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

1 in 8 men would dump their girlfrend for an iPod [Tech Digest]