Weebly Goes With YCombinator

Weebly, the best of the Ajax site creator crowd, has taken funding from YCombinator and is opening up an API for outside developers, reports VentureBeat. YCombinator is best known for founding Reddit, A Digg-like site which was recently acquired by Condé Nast.

This is a company that we initially passed on writing about in the late summer due to bugs, but we took another look in November and came away impressed. As VentureBeat mentions, they integrate better with Google Maps than Google itself does with its own web site creator.

Everything seems to be on track with Weebly except that annoying business model. With all of the competition in this space, the price has been set firmly at zero. Trying to add advertising won’t fly with customers. Perhaps they can make money on hosting sites. Or just keep the burn rate low and flip it before the money runs out.

Weebly has made it as simple as possible to try their product. Just pick a username and password, no email required for testing.