CrunchGear Week in Review: J-Phone

Post-Show Glow
Philipp Goedicke

Here I am, staring down an odd week in review [1, 2],
And since the task is obvious, I’ll do what I must do.
You know I cannot help myself, though some you may groan,
I’ll drum up some excitement [3] for the Apple, inc. iPhone.
The other brand new super-phones [4] are lambs led to the slaughter,
Because we all have seen, this week, Steve Jobs [5] can walk on water [6].
Though the name-rights aren’t clear [7, 8],
And 2G (not 3?) a mystery [9],
You wish you could be here [10],
To be a part of history [11, 12, 13].
Was there something else this week this writer should address?
Oh, yes:
Let’s go find one place where Apple doesn’t go [14, 15]
And name a two-way player [16] the “Best in Show.” [17]

But back, now, to the iPhone [18], it’s the thing for which we’re itching,
Let’s login to CellSwapper [19, 20], since to Cingular [21] we’re switching.

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