Findory Put On Life Support

The last time we wrote about Findory was over a year ago. Ironically, it was to note that they had turned cash flow positive. Today, founder Greg Linden said he’s going to stop development of the site and put it on “autopilot.”

Findory is a personalized newspaper. It looks at stuff you tend to like to read, and compares that to others’ tastes, and presents customized news to you. The more you use it, the more it knows about you and the better the results.

The site hasn’t made much progress over the last few years. It peaked in early 2006 according to Alexa and has gone sideways since then – Linden tells me the site generates 1 – 2 million page views per month. This is another sign that the online news space is grossly oversaturated. It will take a significant technology step forward for a new startup to get traction.

Findory is now in the DeadPool.