Will the iPhone be a Serious Business Device?

I had a long debate yesterday with James Joaquin, the former CEO of ofoto and one of the founders of When.com, about whether or not the iPhone will be just a toy or a serious business device. I think it is. He remains unconvinced.

I dug up the video below which gives a pretty good demo of some of the office type applications on the device.

From what I know so far, I think it is going to be a killer device for people who currently use Macs, with seemless integration with Mac Mail, Calendar and Contacts. The visual voicemail is a killer feature. The lack of a keyboard, though, is not. The addition of decent voice recognition software to allow for even typo-laden email responses would be very welcome.

It’s unclear if the iPhone will be such a killer business device for PC users. My recommendation is to simply throw out the PC and switch to Mac. You’ll do it eventually anyway. Might as well do it now.