Keep Death from Beheaded Pretty Flowers via USB

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If you can forgive the noir color scheme, you might enjoy this USB flower vase from some design house in Europe. What could a flower vase possibly do via USB? Tell you that your pansy is low on water, that’s what. When your slowly dying bud (ha! ha!) needs more liquid love, a message pops up on your computer monitor to alert you to the task.

Even with this technilgical help, however, I fully expect that I would kill anything that I might put into this little plastic cup within 3 hours, as instead of a green thumb for plant life, I have the equivalent of the Grim Reaper’s touch of death, though with him I’m sure it’s quick and painless.

There are a few other notable gadget designs on the website linked below, but sadly, due to its Flashcrapular site design, I cannot link you to the specifics. You’ll have to find them for yourself, but I can’t do everything for you.

ff USB Vase [Form Fjord]

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