Keep Death from Beheaded Pretty Flowers via USB

If you can forgive the noir color scheme, you might enjoy this USB flower vase from some design house in Europe. What could a flower vase possibly do via USB? Tell you that your pansy is low on water, that’s what. When your slowly dying bud (ha! ha!) needs more liquid love, a message pops up on your computer monitor to alert you to the task.

Even with this technilgical help, however, I fully expect that I would kill anything that I might put into this little plastic cup within 3 hours, as instead of a green thumb for plant life, I have the equivalent of the Grim Reaper’s touch of death, though with him I’m sure it’s quick and painless.

There are a few other notable gadget designs on the website linked below, but sadly, due to its Flashcrapular site design, I cannot link you to the specifics. You’ll have to find them for yourself, but I can’t do everything for you.

ff USB Vase [Form Fjord]