iPhone? Who Cares?

We’ll admit the iPhone wasn’t much of a surprise and apparently numerous companies were prepared to steal Apple’s thunder with their own product announcements. One upcoming handset that might make many reconsider joining the iPhone crowd is the new Motorola Z6 music phone, which has been optimized to operate with MTV’s Urge music store. The quad-band GSM EDGE slider runs on the Linux Java OS, features a 2.2-inch LCD display and offers 60MB of user memory, plus a microSD card slot that will ensure you’ll have room to bring along your favorite music. The phone is also PlaysForSure compatible, and will play any pay-per-track song, as well as those you rip to the MP3 or ACC formats. The carrier will likely be Cingular in the US, and while this handset will be the rage in Asia later this spring it won’t be available in the US until the fall.