Harman Kardon Present Drive + Play 2

Hardman/Kardon’s Drive + Play 2 is a mobile media manager that can be installed into your car. It features a 3.5-inch customizable full-color display, five-button wireless controller, a power adapter that connects to the car’s lighter, digital expansion hub and allows you to fully browse through your Apple iPod or Microsoft Zune.

If you don’t have an Apple iPod or a Microsoft Zune, no biggie. Drive + Play 2 will support any music/flash players also as they are USB-based. The bad part is, Drive + Play 2 will not charge anything but an iPod. The other downside to this product is its suggested retail price, which is a whopping $399. Why would you pay $399 for a media manager when you can pay less and get a whole new CD/DVD deck w/ LCD screen that supports the iPod? Sorry HK, it’s a cool idea, but it’s just not worth biting.

Harman Kardon Present Drive + Play 2 [product page]