Apple's iPhone: Fiction From Fact

So it’s out, it’s real, it’s expensive. We now know all the facts regarding iPhone, so we can now turn the focus of the rumor mill to Transformer’s movie scuttlebutt. But in the aftermath of the debut of the “ultimate digital device”, we learn that much of the dirt we’d heard on the handset is bogus. Let’s have a look at a few of the near misses, shall we?

Kevin from Digg famously claimed a source had told him that the device would have two batteries: one for music and one for everything else. A revolutionary idea, but one sadly wrong. Sorry, Kev. What do you know about the Megatron redesign?

Also rumored was an Apple iTunes- or iLife-branded MVNO to compliment the iPhone. This would be an Apple controled network sitting atop and existent 3G network (probably Cingular’s) that would allow for Helio-like service plans for the phone. This, of course, is not the case, as Apple’s exclusive arrangement with Cingy demonstrates. That being said, we’re fully expecting special iPhone-centric voice and data plans come this summer when iPhone hits the streets.

We’d heard talk that Steve would be debuting two or three different phones, in a product matrix much like the Mac or iPod line-ups: one low-end, one mid-range, and one high-end, the latter being a full-on smartphone (much like the iPhone launched yesterday). We have one iPhone. But, when you think about it, one might be enough.

A few things we didn’t expect made their way to the device, notably the super-hi-res screen (2x that of other smartphone screens of the size) and the use of Widgets in the OS. We’d heard the OS was going to be OS X-based, which it is, but what Apple has done with it was a little more than we expected.

Also, the inclusion of WiFi is a welcome touch, but one we’d relegated to the trash bin of fanboy lusting. Thankfully, the fanboys won out on this one.

But what have we missed? Let us know, as there were more rumors than there are plot twists in Season 2 of LOST, so there must be something we overlooked here, much as His Steveness apparently overlooked 3-frickin’-G capabilities.